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DEED NO – 130 (Token no- 1673/2018)

Today in the modern tradition of social development life values along with humanity has been commercialized. Individual is bound to work like a machine. In this scenario an individual is unable to bear the responsibility to take proper care of his parents and guardians. Although the person does not poses a bad intention but due to the busy schedule of earning his livelihood and to shape his forthcoming generation he gets away from his responsibility of taking care of his parents and guardians. Its obvious that the old people feel helpless and get into depression and start feeling life as burden.

An Introduction

The founder of the organization who himself is in his 70s saw the pain and misery of his near and dear ones whose children are working harder to satisfy their living or, they have migrated to some other place to live a luxurious life. The founder has studied about the life of old people since a long time and felt the pain and misery of those people. Into the process of his research, the idea of this organization stroked in his mind. And he decided to provide the ignored old people a shelter where they can get all the modern facilities under one roof. So that they can live a satisfactory and happy life.To shape his idea he founded Old Age Home Apna Ghar Sewa Sansthan where the founder takes a pledge along with his enthusiastic friends and colleagues to help the old age people live a happy life.

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